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Meeting the DVS Deadline 22nd January 2021

When does DVS come in to effect, and for which vehicles?

Originally planned for October 2020, enforcement of DVS has been put back due to Covid-19. The new date set for enforcement by TFL is March 2021 after which DVS will operate 24/7. Vehicles entering the zone without a valid safety permit will be fined up to £550 per day with drivers receving
fines of up to £130.

Almost all commercial vehicles over 12 tonnes will be required to have a DVS safety permit to enter Greater London. A safety permit will be issued where the vehicle has a DVS star rating between one and five. Compliant vehicles will be issued with a safety permit on request.

Equipping your fleet with a DVS compliant safety system from Fleetview Solutions will cost you less than facing daily fines.


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