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A massive reduction in risk to our drivers

The Company

Bryland Fire Protection is an award-winning provider of Fire Protection and Detection alarm systems, fire suppression systems, extinguisher installation and maintenance as well as fire training needs.

Established for over 50 years, Bryland Fire Protection have served industrial and commercial clients throughout the UK, with a commitment to offer a complete fire protection service to business, industry and commerce.

The Challenge

Bryland Fire Protection were unhappy with their current vehicle tracking solution, which was overcomplicated and time consuming with restricted access to a single user making it difficult to manage the fleet effectively.

The Solution

Installation of new tracking hardware with full web-based access allowing multiple users in any location. Bryland Fire Protection also invested in forward facing cameras.

The Results

Giving Bryland Fire Protection access to a clear and simple to use reporting suite has enabled them to use the data with ease and analyse driver behaviour. This has helped them realise a huge improvement in driving style and behaviour across their fleet and a massive reduction in risk to their drivers, who are often working alone.

Being able to validate timesheets with accurate tracking information has enabled Bryland Fire Protection to confidently calculate driver hours worked from start and finish times and accurately calculate overtime.

Bryland Fire Protection drivers have different skill sets and have used colour coding to be able to see on the live map which driver is nearest to the type of call out required giving faster response times to their customers and reaching service level agreement KPIs.

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