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Streamlined and improved service operations

With more than 35 years’ experience and 8000 customers UK-wide, Altodigital is one of the UK’s leading print and document management solutions providers.  The company, whose products and services include print, IT, communications, document management, and office supplies, operates from a network of regional offices using a fleet of 140 cars and several installation vans.

The Challenge

Altodigital employs a team based at their head office in Kingswinford, to resource plan and despatch 160 field-based service engineers, IT engineers, customer trainers and auditors across the UK. Each field-based role is tasked with a KPI of at least 5 customer visits per day meaning planning is constantly evaluated with 2 visits per person allocated at all times.

Mileage paperwork proved an administrative burden with field-based roles completing manual mileage sheets for submission at the end of each month. Mileage accuracy and meeting the monthly deadline was a top priority.

The Solution

Altodigital embarked on a consultation process to explain how the installation of tracking and fuel management technology would work and the positive impact it would have across the company. A code of conduct was implemented for each type of user making clear what the company could and could not do with employee data.

The Results

Streamlined and improved service operations with full visibility of the workforce; the ability to see who is closest to a service request and respond in the quickest time. Total automation of mileage sheet completion via an iPhone app resulting in accurate data with private or business journeys updated within seconds and automatically delivered on deadline. 100% compliance with HMRC.

Altodigital have been able to use the system to provide indisputable proof of driver speed and behaviour to resolve insurance claims in their favour.

Altodigital have implemented a rewards scheme after realising real improvements in driver safety and greener driving behaviour through KPIs and league tables and sharing monthly stats.

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