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Fleetview Solutions understand that to keep your business on the move you need to know all about your business on the road.  Instant access to the right information at the right time provides your business with the agility to realise the full potential of your mobile workforce at all times.

Live tracking with integration to Google Maps including street view or satellite view with customisation to view a single vehicle, groups of vehicles or your entire fleet enables you to determine the best available resource in the fastest, least complex and most economic route.

No matter the number of vehicles and whether your fleet is made up of cars, vans, HGV’s and trailers or plant asset machinery, with Fleetview Solutions the choice of system is yours and all of our tracking options include a free Android or IOS driver app.

Take total control of your fleet.


  • Hardwired – the hardwired device is completely hidden from view following professional installation
  • On Battery – a self-install option with two wires that are simply attached to the vehicle battery
  • OBD Plug-in – a simple plug-in device that is self-installed and an ideal option for those who are looking for a fast way to regularly switch between vehicles
  • Assets – accurate GPS tracking for your trailers, powered assets and plant machinery
  • Driver ID – ideal for businesses where multiple drivers share the same vehicle.  Driver ID requires the driver to authenticate themselves before the journey begins and ensures the trip information and analytics are always associated with the right driver
  • Thatcham Category 5 – the highest specification of stolen vehicle tracking for your most valuable assets.  Supplied with discreet Automatic Driver Recognition tags (ADR) connected to 24/7/365 monitoring centre, auto immobilisation if no tag present and real time alerts into the appropriate Police control room in the event of theft


Fuel is a significant business overhead but with the right technology from Fleetview Solutions we can help your business implement simple changes to drive down fuel spend, reduce your carbon footprint and realise true cost savings.  

Knowing how your vehicles are being driven will highlight areas of waste such as idling and harsh acceleration and with additional insights on harsh steering and sharp breaking you can achieve further savings on vehicle wear and tear.  

Comprehensive and accurate reporting gives you the data you need to recognise inefficient practices and wasteful behaviour enabling you to focus on areas for improvement and make positive changes to your business operations.

Reporting &

Reporting and analytics are the key to improving driver behaviour, reducing fleet management costs and achieving a real return on your investment.

  • Interactive dashboards – instant access to key KPIs in real time enable you to make quick decisions and optimise your fleet performance
  • Reports – a comprehensive suite of reports out of the box, with customisable fields and features enable you to either download the exact information you need when you need it or schedule reports to be delivered automatically via email at your specified intervals
  • Alerts – define system alerts with set parameters that give you instant notifications when a vehicle has crossed into a geofenced zone or for maintenance schedules

Fleetview Solutions initial and ongoing support will ensure you achieve a return on your investment from the initial implementation to additional value-added services.

Why Choose Fleetview
Solutions for Vehicle Tracking?

Having been a customer of Fleetview Solutions for nearly 20 years, I can honestly state they are a very highly valued supplier, always sourcing the best deal that suited us upon renewals and backing that up with exceptional customer service.


- Mo Hassanyeh, Managing Director at Carlyle Bus & Coach Limited