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Savings of 25% achieved in 2 months

Sanctuary Maintenance is part of Sanctuary Group, a leading provider of housing and care homes across the UK. The group manages around 94,000 units of accommodation, including more than 60 care homes.

All maintenance on the groups housing stock is carried out through Sanctuary Maintenance, which has teams of fully qualified plumbers, electricians, gas engineers, gardeners, cleaners and general operatives. Sanctuary Maintenance operates a 24/7/365 customer service centre, based in Hull, which handles all customer calls and is responsible for the allocation of jobs to the maintenance teams operating in six regions throughout the UK.

Sanctuary has an in-house fleet comprising 1500 light commercial vehicles. Fleet performance is critical to Sanctuary Maintenance’s objective of providing a quick and efficient response to customers’ requirements.

The Challenge

Enhance service levels and the customer experience by improving the performance of the fleet with a focus on fuel and maintenance costs. 

The Solution

A pilot scheme of the proposed tracking and navigation units along with accurate fuel reporting ability. With the clear benefits and cost savings realised from the pilot, Sanctuary management team launched the programme to the business through a series of workshops and communications.

The Results

Total control of fleet operations with real time visibility of operatives enabling better route planning and visible improvements in customer service levels.

The ability to set and report on KPIs resulted in an immediate improvement in driver behaviour.

Cost savings of 25% within the first 2 months.

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